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Hi welcome unickonlinestore, I am so glad that you are visiting my blog.


Anyway , I am pankaj kumar Nayak from dist -keonjhar ,I am originally dist -cuttack (odisha)but settled down here for the past 40 years, because my father used to work in keonjhar


I have done many types of business in my life but off line business,Before Pandemic, I also used to do a job and part time business, used to earn well.After coming to Prndamic, my job was also gone, the business also stopped.


There is no work by staying at home for a year, one day while watching mobile, I came to know about the blog, also about the affiliate,I thought all are  doing I will not be able to,but i had no technical knowledge,Then i started searching google watching youtube,


Then I started by buying domain hosting, I used to feel very easy at that time, when I entered, I came to know that the litany is deep.Where there was no income, the conditions of the house got worse, I felt I needed more time,Then I am doing a part time job , online in free time,


I know I am trying hard, I am working ful night,I also know that without the support of all of you I will not be able to be successful.I don’t even have money to pay for paid traffic,


I also agree that I am indebted to Google, have not paid the payment of 1 mont canva and 1 mont ifttt,But I will pay as the money comes


Please let me know in the comments sections for the feedback’s and any mistakes,I would be happy to improve,


Do let me know how you like my blog


By Pankaj kumar Nayak

August 9 2021

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