Best baby products Best baby products    best baby product is most important today

the product which our children used keep happy, healthy,  fit, and safe, we call that best baby product. baby products   

how important is a child to parents?

  • A child is dearer to the parents than his life.
  • Every parent thinks their baby is more beautiful than the most thing in the world.
  •  poor or rich, all try their best to keep their child happy and healthy.

why we are search best baby products?

  1. we love & care our baby’s because these are very soft and delicate
  2. Some products are harmful for the baby, so we use a lot of tests for the baby.

why are the best baby products trending today?

  • When we have a new born baby in our house, we do not know what to eat and take care .
  • Baby Care Products – Big Basket Helps Us
  • Nowadays, both husband and wife do job and business in maximum family in the world.
  • so  products help them a lot in taking care of their baby.& Products are secure for baby.

which company is best for baby product?

  • 389best baby food products company listed.

But i write 10 top best food company,

  • Abbott Nutrition
  • Mead Johnson Nutrition
  • Gerber products co
  • Nestle infant Nutrition
  • Beech-Nut Nutrition crop(hero)
  • Plum organics(Campbell soup company)
  • Perrigo company plc
  • Healthy hive
  • Well snack foods,
  • Truyumm foods,

We will not be able to buy all the products from the direct company, but always need a shopping app which has available all products.

best online shopping app

  1. Amazon. in .com .uk
  7. Mad plus

This is my first blog for baby products,

I am writing Newly Born Baby Products first requirement.

Parents’ reaction when there was a new child in the house&who help them.

  1. When there is a newly born baby in someone’s house, there is a wave of happiness in the house,
  2. mother gets happiness in heaven.
  3. Fathers are also very happy because of having a child.
  4. they do not interest working in the office  thinking of seeing the child and playing with him.
  5. The birth of a child also makes the palace happy.

best products use after 10 days baby

  • Nesle food
  • New clothes
  • Soft napkins
  • Soft towel
  • Dipper

Nestle food

  • I thnk Mother’s feed is best for child
  • For some reason the mother is not able to give her feed, she should do Nestle Food.

best feeding milk brand,

  •   Amulspray
  • Nestle lactogen is best for child in Amazon

New clothes

  • clothes should be brought for the new born baby,
  • The cloth should be washed.
  • Cloths should be cleaned as if no detergent remains
  • the company used chemical in new clothes,

Available in,

2)soft napkins

  • Soft napkins should be used as the child may get rashes

3)soft towel

  • Babies are very soft.
  • so soft towels should be used and  put to sleep in a soft bed

4)mother feed

  1. Mother feed is best for child,
  2. If you do not want to breastfeed your new baby, it is your personal opinion.

before you take decision , learn about the benefit of breastfeeding

  1. Mother’s milk provides optimum nutrition to the babies.
  2. So child get the right amount of dosage
  3. is easily digested
  4. Mother’s milk contains important antibiotics & lowers the risk of diseases
  5.  promotes baby’s health and weight &can make babies smarter

what are the benefits of breastfeeding for the mother?

  • Breastfeeding makes you lose weight and helps the uterus to contract
  •  makes you less sick
  •  can prevent menstrual dysfunction

WHO (World Health Organization) also says that at least a mother should feed her child with mother’s milk for half year.

5) Johnson & Johnson baby care kits available products.

  • Johnson baby oil
  •  shampoo soap
  • cream

Johnson baby oil        

  • Massage should be done daily for the child’s growth & physical and mental development of the child
  • There are many types of baby oil in the market these days.
  • but when it comes to baby massage, we trust  on only one company name Johnson.
  • we have to take care of some other things,

1)best product for sensitive skin,

2) best products for dry skin,

3) product for glowing skin,

today Johnson’s Baby Oil is available on Amazon with best offer

Johnson baby soap shampoo        

  • soap and Shampoo should not be applied to a newly born baby .
  • until the umbilical cord stump of the baby falls off
  • after fall apply soap shampoo.

Johnson baby Cream       

  • the mother who gives birth to the child for the first time does not understand when the baby should be applied cream. 
  • when you bathe your baby.
  • the baby’s skin will become dry.
  • she should apply cream for the moisture of the skin.


  • the baby should wear a diaper as soon as it is born.
  • diapers dry up baby’s urine, baby can sleep comfortably
  • to be changed many times in a day.
  •  If you are not changed for several hours then  due to the moisture.
  • there is a possibility of the child getting fever.

best diaper             

  • huggies wonder pants
  • mamy poko pants Extra Absorb diaper

which you will easily get in Amazon with offers.

feeding bottle 🍼

  • You should breastfeed your baby.
  • Still if you are interested in feeding your baby with bottle feeding.
  • then a choose good company’s bottle and nipples and used.
  • we are Search best baby products app.

process of feeding bottle use

  • feeding bottle-feeding carries a risk of germs
  • put the feeding bottle and nipple in water and boil it.
  • then the milk should be boiled and cooled and fed into the bottle have to do 2 times a day.
  • baby should be fed milk once in 2 hours

after continuing the process for 6 months,

The baby’s food changes ,example – about baby strong food

 best baby natural products

I will write a 6 month old product in the next blog

Notewhy mother is great?

  1.   Mother is great because We have not seen God,  so much love and trust for god.
  2. But the mother who gives birth to us suffers so much, why not love for him?

who think that about mother?

  1. I say thanks you to baby products company, because that all of them thought about our mother.
  2. whether it is business, but understanding the mother’s problem.
Thank you


Pankaj Kumar Nayak


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