Deep questions about life-unickonl of life

Deep questions about life   

Question http://Deep questions about of life,

  •  Question is a word that comes in the mind of every human being and to take life of a person in the right path,deep questions about life.
  •            whether the person is rich, poor, child, old,  young, business man,pop, or president but questions are the same in everyone’s mind.

  • Questions are not bad,  give us courage,  keep us right, make us successful in life,
  •  makes us realize our mistake, which mistake we do not again if we will take the question in the mind.
  • Example-

1Q-Question to god

  • why everyone not happy in world 🌎?
  •  some people are poor and some are rich?
  • Even some people are not able to eat, some throw food?
  • If the parents are God, then why are the parents sad in the world?
  •  money is everything today, why are you sad even after earning money?
  • how can a person find peace?
  • Humans know everything, then why do they make mistakes?
  • Why don’t you give everything to everyone? 
  • what is love?
  • Why do people go mad in love?
  •  person loses his intellect in love, that he does not see the truth?
  •  Is a true human being sad and poor today?
  • When will human greed end?
  • Why are humans jealous of each other today?
  • Female are more jealous of each other, why do not live happily?
  • Why have you made some intelligent and some foolish? Deep questions about life,
  • do you hear everyone’s sorrow or not?
  • do you support sadness or not?
  • Why do you take away parents from kids
  • Why have some humans been made heartless?

1Q ,what is parents thinks.

  • how to make our kids happy?  Deep questions about life,
  • oh god how can we keep our child happy?
  • How can our families be happy forever?

How can my kids eat well and be happy wearing new clothes?

  • Parents’ tension, why children should be happy, study well, progress, illuminate the name of the country?
  • How to fulfill the demand of your children by earning maximum money?
  • Deep questions about life,

1Q ,what is child think.

  • some children are think why he/she improve in study well?
  • Why did God give us such a poor mother and father?
  •  my parents don’t love me much why?
  • kids are curious
  • Why do my parents feel like seeing that thing?
  • Why Parents like me more than my sister?
  • I wish my parents were very rich, we would have woken up a lot.
  • Why don’t we have big cars, big houses, good clothes, good food to eat?
  • Is God not ours, God does not like us, have we committed any sin?
  • what is love?
  • what is the attraction?
  • Why are girls so beautiful?
  •  parents why do interrupt us in everything?
  • Am I so bad then our parents gave us birth, why did we not die when we were born?
  •  Papa did not bring a gift for me, he brought it for my brother?
  • Why I get punished for my brother’s mistake?
  • Girls see the bird at the maximum time and think I wish we had wings, we also fly and see the world with mites


  • The customer all the time thinks that how will we get cheap and good goods?
  • Whatever the customer wants us to buy, no one else should buy
  • The customer does not want us to be fraud of any goods. order us to get the best products
  • Customer is sixth, we should have our household items in our budget.
  • Replacement should be quick and we should also get payment fast


  • Seller always thinks how to please the customer?
  •  to get maximum number of customers at the shop?
  • provide original product to customer at cheap rate?
  • How provide good respect customer?
  •  to get good security to the customer at the shop?
  • good packing &time to deliver and good return policy

I have tried that every person’s heart has left something to describe the things.

            Thank you

Pankaj kumar Nayak



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